The 7 Major Chakra’s 

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The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit for wheel, disc or circle.  A Chakra is like a vortex, a constant revolving wheel of energy. Chakras act as bridges, linking the physical body with the subtle bodies (Aura). If the energy is in some way impeded or blocked and unable to flow freely, the result is often seen as physical, emotional or mental disease or spiritual unease. When our energy centres are unblocked and flowing freely however, we experience better physical health and the ability to channel spirit and spiritual messages a lot more clearly.
There are many Chakra’s throughout the body; however we are only going to consider  the seven major chakra’s.

base chakra colourbase chakra 2

First Chakra-The Base or Root Chakra- Colour Red.

The base or root chakra is red in colour and is located at the base of the spine on the perineum. Located closest to the earth it is the chakra associate with our ability to feel grounded and secure in the physical world. We all experience fears in our life relating to feeling physically safe and secure, or generally feeling low in energy. These fears that relate to these physical needs being met are the reason for the base chakra becoming unbalanced and blocked.

Keywords:    Survival / food / clothing / shelter / protection / sex  / physical being / security / money / sense of self (to feel that you are being yourself and not as someone else says you should be) / sport and physical activity / passion / fire / drive / energy levels / connection to the earth plane / power / stamina and courage / has a connection to anger and fear / financial security / career.

Body:    Sexual organs / skeletal system / teeth / lower extremities / intestines (lower) / bladder / reproductive organs / blood / adrenal glands

Associated symptoms:    Sciatica / chronic back pain / varicose veins / depression / suicide / immune system / over all general physical health.

Crystals: Reds, Browns and Blacks predominately :    Fire agate / boji stone / bloodstone / ruby / garnet / smoky quartz / hematite / obsidian / tourmaline (black) / apache tears / tiger eye-iron / blood stone

By envisioning red light rays around you, you will be therapeutically aiding problems such as:    Circulation / anaemia / rheumatism / fear / nervous dispositions / releasing adrenaline.


sacral chakra coloursacral chakra 2

Second Chakra- The Sacral Chakra- Colour Orange.

The sacral chakra is orange in colour and is located 2 inches below the navel. This chakra is associated with our cravings for physical pleasures and creativity. It is also the chakra associated with our addictive tendencies. This is also known as the feminine chakra.

Keywords:    Desires / appetites / addictions / food / pleasure / reproduction / creativity / acceptance of change / family / sexual relationships / fertility / impotence / sleep patterns / physical self-esteem / drugs / alcohol / weight / self-worth / femininity / libido / overindulgence /

Body:    Kidneys / bladder / prostrate glands / sexual organs / digestion / lower abdomen / intestines / lower vertebrae / pelvis / appendix /

Associated symptoms:    Chronic lower back pain / sciatica / sacroiliac join pain / sexual potency / urinary problems

Crystals: mainly orange:    Amber / orange calcite / carnelian / tangerine quartz / citrine / orange sunstone / rutilated quartz / tigers eye / wulfenite / agate / bloodstone / golden topaz / orange selenite / moonstone / copper / jasper / aragonite

Visualizing orange rays of light may help with:     asthma / fear / depression & lethargy / loneliness / cramps & spasms / inflammation / chest conditions / vitality



solar plexus chakra coloursolar plexus chakra 2

Third Chakra- Solar Plexus- Colour Yellow.

The Solar Plexus is represented by the colour of yellow and is located just above the navel. This chakra represents person power and our emotions in regard to personal power. Emotional fears about lack of control over situations or people in our lives will cause this chakra to become blocked and unbalanced. For example the promotion you applied for at work, this decision is out of your control and so you nervously wait while someone else decides your fate. This type of fear will certainly cause unbalance in you solar plexus. This is also known as the masculine chakra.

Keywords:    Power (self) / control / emotions / self-esteem / creativity / ambition / intellect / strength / courage / authority / decisiveness / confidence / nerves (you feel sick when you are nervous about a situation due to the solar plexus being located over the stomach) / connected emotions- intimidation, fear, anger, sorrow, out of control, powerless, joy, cheerfulness, happiness, achievement, intuition, courage, balanced,  Clairsentience

Body:    Stomach / intestines (large, transverse colon) / liver / gall bladder / nervous system (sympathetic-autonomic) / spleen / metabolism / pancreas / kidney / middle spine / adrenal glands

Associated symptoms:    Blocked bowel – bowel dysfunction / arthritis / gastric or duodenal ulcers / pancreatis-diabetes / indigestion-chronic or acute / anorexia-bulimia / liver dysfunction / hepatitis / adrenal dysfunction / nervous disorders /cancer / metabolic problems

Crystals: mainly yellow stones:    Amber / citrine / yellow jasper / sunstone / yellow apitite / peridot / smoky quartz / calcite / amethyst (calming) / aquamarine (calming)

Visualizing yellow rays of light: has a positive magnetic effect on the nervous system. Stimulates mental faculties leading to creative thought and visualization.


heart chakra colourheart chakra 2

Fourth Chakra- Heart Chakra- Colour Green.

The heart chakra is represented by the colour green, though many people also relate the colour pink with this chakra. This chakra is located in the centre of the chest directly between the nipples. The heart chakra is related to the emotion of love and our ability to both give and receive love. Unlike the previous three chakras that are only associated with the physical aspects of life, the heart chakra is also associated with our spiritual side, as are the next three chakras above the heart. Keeping the heart chakra balanced will ensure a constant flow of loving energy coming into your life, and create an open channel for you to send love out to others.

The heart chakra is also known at the bridge chakra. This chakra is the centre major chakra of the seven we work with, so it is both for the physical world, and the world connected to spirit.

Keywords:    Love (the ability to give and receive) / compassion / peace / forgiveness (of self and others) / understanding / heart-ache / astral connection / spiritual channelling / healing energy (transference) / relationships / clairsentience /

Emotions- anger resentment, bitterness, grief, self-centeredness, loneliness, commitment, forgiveness, compassion, hope, trust, love, hatred

Body:    Heart / lungs / hands / arms / circulation / blood-pressure / thymus glands-immune system (produces a type of white cell called t-lymphocyte which aids the immune system) / ribs / diaphragm / upper back-spine

Crystals: green or pink:    Malachite (short term only) / aventurine / pink agate / rose quartz / emerald / watermelon tourmaline / peridot / chrysoprase / Petalite / rhodochrosite / jade / fluorite /

Visualizing Green or Pink Light:     encourages love and healing, aids insomnia, calms mind-body-spirit, soothes nerves, pregnancy, emotional problems.

The emerald green light is also associated with the Archangel Raphael.


throat chakra colourthroat chakra 2

Fifth Chakra-Throat Chakra- Colour Blue.

The Throat chakra is represented by the colour blue and is located at the front of the throat and relates to our ability to communicate. It is important to keep the throat chakra cleansed and the energy flowing freely, as we not only use it to communicate with people here, but also with spirit. Blockages to the throat chakra can lead to the inability to communicate feelings, emotions and words. Spirits use the throat chakra as a means of channelling information about the spiritual realm through the medium to a client, or just as a means through which to bring general knowledge to the medium. In a trance medium the throat chakra is vitally important, as the spirit who comes to speak must tap into, and use this channel, in order to be able to speak at all.

Keywords:    Communication / creative expression / honesty / truth / loyalty / knowledge / emotional expression / medium-ship / clairaudience / channelling / speech / song / hearing / sound /

Body:    Throat / mouth / teeth / upper arms / thyroid / parathyroid / neck / shoulders / jaw / ear and hearing problems / bronchial and respiratory tract / vocal cords / trachea / cervical vertebrae

Crystals: mostly blues:    Angelite / blue lace agate / celestite / azurite / aquamarine / blue fluorite / larimar / blue chalcedony / lapis lazuli / blue tourmaline / blue sapphire / blue kyanite / sodalite / aqua aura / blue agate / turquoise / blue tiger eye / chrysocolla / blue calcite / beryl / blue aventurine / aragonite / blue topaz / blue quartz / blue jasper / iolite



Visualizing soft blue light rays :    for yourself or others is extremely healing. It serves to cool and calm through illness or depression, aids insomnia, calms the nerves helps with skin problems, in fact, eases all diseases of the mind, body and spirit. It cleanses and purifies the aura and influences serenity, peace and truth.


third eye chakra colourthird eye 2

Sixth Chakra- Third Eye- Colour Indigo Blue.

The third eye chakra is represented by the colour indigo. It is located between the eyebrows and is referred to as your third eye, spiritual eye or the eye of your higher self. This chakra relates to higher learning, inner wisdom and the ability to gain knowledge from a spiritual source. This is where they can show us the world around us, in us and beyond us. Visions of grand places can be revealed to us from a higher source through this chakra, so we must at all times keep this channel clear and be open to messages received through our visions.

From a physical point of view blockages can result in headaches, tension and the inability to be able to think clearly and see situations for what they truly are.

Keywords:    Vision / inner wisdom / clarity / imagination / intuition / clairvoyance / concentration / telepathy / mental ideas /creativity / illusion / spiritual will / focus / dreams / awareness / reality / nightmares / headaches / eye problems /

Body:    Pituitary gland / lower brain / nose / ears / spine / left eye / forehead / endocrine gland / nervous system / intelligence

Crystals: colours-indigo / violet / purple / clear stones:    Amethyst / Angelite / blue calcite / charoite / purple fluorite / lepidolite / larimar / Sugalite / lapis lazuli / azurite / sodalite / clear quartz / aragonite / Buddha stone / iolite /

Visualizing indigo or violet rays:     is uplifting, healing, calming and is connected to the Archangel Michael as is often purple. Our ability to focus is increased as is our ability to elevate ourselves to a place where we can truly see life as it is and should be.



crown chakra colourcrown chakra 2

Seventh Chakra- Crown Chakra – Colour Purple\ Violet.

The crown chakra is represented by the colour purple and is our connection to our higher self and universal energy and knowledge. Channelled:  Your primary connection to your guides also comes through this channel. We use this channel to bring through the knowledge that you require and the answers that you seek in order to walk your life path that you have chosen. We, who are here to guide you, feel it necessary to remind you from time to time of what you are here to do. Each has their own purpose and so your messages will not be the same, but the manner in which we will relay that message is, keep your channels clean and be open to receiving the information we wish to share with all Gods children. Beloved children we are here to assist you in any way we can, you need only to ask and we will provide. Thankyou, blessed be to you all that listen.

Keywords:    Higher self / divine wisdom / selfless service / unity / understanding / consciousness / perception / idealism / thought / clarity / intellect / sight / values / ethics / universal connection / evolution

Body:    Brain / nervous system (autonomic and sympathetic) / cerebral cortex / right eye / pineal gland /-results in problems like- memory / Parkinson’s, depression, confusion, senility, obsessiveness, lack of inspiration

Crystals: Mostly clear, white or violet/purple:    Amethyst / lepidolite / clear quartz / ametrine / charoite / selenite / Sugalite / Angelite / phenacite / apophyllite / celestite / aragonite / Danburite / moonstone / kyanite / clear calcite


Visualizing purple or violet light rays:     aids eye sight, hearing , sense of smell, fear and mental complexes, general negativity, physical pain, inflammation, transmute negativity, stimulates and regenerates mind, body and soul, open the creative centres, helps insomnia, epilepsy, rheumatism, aids relaxation. Think of these colours as soul food

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