guides and angels

We have each of us truly been blessed by Universe and the heavens to have available to us in this life our amazing Spirit Guides and Angels. We are always being watched over, and guided, as we move through this  wonderful world that we live in , and always have been. For the people who are aware, this has usually provided great comfort and a feeling of support in their life. For those who are coming to that realization and discovering what it is to be cared for so deeply, well it is an awakening.

There are many different types of guides ands Angels and several layers or levels within the categories they fall into. A Spiritual Guide for example is not an Angel. Not all Angels are Archangels.  With in both the guides and angelic categories there are, like in our world, the different souls that aid us in different area’s of our life. For example an art guide will offer direction within their knowledge base.  You maybe just beginning your journey through the art world, so a guide will be there to encourage you at the level of your skill set. Then as you become more proficient in your skills as an artist, a new guide will take over that can take you to a new and deeper level of understanding and betterment. Its kind of like going through the school system where as you grow and change, you move up a level each year with a new teacher that can expand your knowledge, understanding and skill base.  So many of our spirit guides are only with us for a period of time, and only for as long as we need them or they can assist us, and then they move on to someone else, and are replaced by a new guide to take us further.

Then there are those that stay much longer or are not only skill level orientated.


For example an Archangel may be specific to an area in life such as the Archangel Raphael who is the healing angel. His area of help and guidance is for Healing, but at any level, need or time within your entire life. Whether you are the one who needs healing, or the person offering healing to another, you can always call upon the Archangel Raphael for help and guidance.


to be Continued:




Guardian Spirit- this guide is your primary guide, the person who knows you like no other. They are the one who knows your life path and someone that you have more than likely known in a previous life. We take turns to watch over each other and to keep each other on our chosen paths that we decided before we were born. He\she is the one guide that is assigned to us for life. He / She also holds the blue print to our life. When our time comes to go home, he/she will be waiting for us, and in fact until they have escorted us back, they are stuck waiting to go home themselves. They are also responsible for choosing other guides that they feel will be appropriate for us to. The final decision about a guide working with us is however our decision. If you feel that a guide for example your door keeper is quite unable to protect you the way you feel necessary, then ask your guardian spirit to find someone more appropriate


This page is still being written and I promise there will be much more to come… :))