Astrology Beginners

This fabulous course will open your eyes to the wonders of the star signs, the  planets,  their associations to each other and to us and how the energy of all the above affects us in our daily lives. This 8 week  beginners/foundational course will astound and delight anyone who has ever been interested in knowing more about themselves and others around them in life.

Julia has a website that you are very welcome to visit to learn more, which includes an email address through which you can contact her to book, or have your own personal chart done and explained. Alternately you are welcome to book your place in this next beginners  or level 2 (beginners is a prerequisite for level 2) course through Spiritual Joy by contacting Michelle ( details on the contact page).


At a cost of now only $30 per week (saving $10 per week)for the 8 weeks (level 1 or 2 are each 8 weeks at $30 per week) I highly recommend these courses from experience.
Beginners level 1 next Date: Wednesday nights 17th July to September 4th
This 1st 8 week course can then run straight into level 2 if you wish to continue or attend if you have already completed level 1.
Level 2 next date: Wednesday 11th September to October 30th