Psychic Developement: About

Psychic Development:

            Psychic Development is about learning to communicate through the 6th sense. I believe that  every person has this ability in some form or another, it comes down to whether you know it or not. There will be people to whom this comes very naturally, and they have most probably been aware of this for a long time. For others the ability to tap into their intuitive side and to  communicate with spirit is there, but maybe needs encouragement . Either way anyone can learn. There is no set time frame as to how long it would take to become a proficient communicator, each individual grows and learns in their own time, and this is as it should be.  Psychic development at Spiritual Joy is trained in a traditional way, Circle Work.  It is an ongoing class that is attended each and every week for as long as the student feels it necessary to enhance their abilities and to communicate with spirit.  There are exercises performed and practiced at each class to build experience and confidence, but always with the expectation that the results will suit each person’s level of ability.

The 3 Clair’s learnt and practiced in class are:

:Clairsentience- To sense or feel. (outside of the physical body?)

:Clairaudience- To hear outside the normal range of human hearing.

:Clairvoyance- To see beyond the physical eyes.

The other Clair’s are Natural occurring phenomenon and therefore cannot be trained but you will learn to recognize and trust them over time.

:Claircognizance- To know without reason as to how you know, you just  know.

:Clairgustence-. To be able to taste without first physically placing something in your mouth.

:Clairalience- To smell without physical reason. Eg perfume yet none has been sprayed.

You will learn the art of Meditation, Meet your Guides and Angels, bring forth visions and messages for class mates (and eventually other people outside of class). You will be expected to attend class each week and arrive on time. Practice home work will be set each week in one form or another. It all sounds pretty serious so far and it is, but we do have fun too!