REIKI –  (pronounced as ray-key)


What is Reiki?       Reiki at its simplest is a way to connect to, and channel, universal life force or chi, through an attuned  person to any other life form, (even an inanimate object). Reiki translated actually means “Universal energy, life force, Natural energy”. All living things are made up from energy or Chi, so receiving life force, chi or Reiki in a safe comfortable environment can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.  It is a safe, complimentary method of healing and being that it is painless, non-invasive and non-manipulative, it does not interfere with any other form of medical treatment. In fact quite the opposite: Reiki as a therapy provides for the opportunity to facilitate quiet, calm and peaceful states of mind, which in turn facilitates an opportunity for the body, mind and soul to experience healing in many wondrous ways. It should be noted though that it does NOT and WILL NOT replace medical treatment by a doctor.

It is self-empowering in that it allows each person the ability to facilitate that peaceful environment within themselves, and in this place or space in the self you can encourage inner healing, self awareness and personal growth.

The beautiful flip side to Reiki is that as a Reiki channel you can offer this to many others as well. So by becoming a Reiki channel yourself, you will then be able to create a safe comfortable environment for other people also. The beautiful teachings of hand placements used in the tradition of Usui Reiki, as well as what we call the extra’s, will give you the ability to promote well-being simply through the gentle, caring touch of your hands.

The History of Reiki:

Mikao Usui was born on the 15th of August 1865. Not too much is known for certain about all his life but what is known is that he was the head of a boys school in Kyoto Japan. One day his students questioned him about Jesus and his ability to heal. Their sensei (teacher) was unable to answer questions about or demonstrate such a healing ability. So in order to learn he left his teaching position and set out into the world to find answers.

He travelled throughout Europe and America studying as he travelled but to no avail. When he returned to Kyoto he felt the answers may be found in the Buddhist writings, so studied the Japanese writings on Buddhism. He eventually studied Chinese so he could read the Chinese Sutras. Still not finding any answers he learned the ancient language of Sanskrit and read the ancient scriptures. He eventually found the answers he was looking for but did not know how to use this information.

In 1922 he climbed the mountain KURAMA YAMA with a commitment to fast and meditate on the mountain top. He instructed the local abbot to collect his bones if he had not returned by the end of three weeks. After 21 days of severe discipline he received the answers that he had sought and though he was weak from fasting for three weeks he rose and walked back down the mountain side.   On his way he stubbed his toe badly and immediately put his hands to his foot and experienced instant healing. He stopped at a local food stand and ate rice and vegetables instead of gruel which was commonly eaten after a long fast. He experienced no ill effects after eating this meal as one normally would after fasting.   Through offering to help others in pain he demonstrated that there was immediate relief offered to each person simply by placing his hands on the site of pain or a problem. Thus the healing art of Reiki was Re-born.

Mikao Usui the founding father of Reiki passed away on the 9th of March 1926 aged 62, but before he departed this life he ensured the art of Reiki would live on by passing on what he had learned to others who in turn continued the teachings, and so down the ages we continue in this tradition and so come to us….



The Principles of Reiki:






Reiki is not just about potential healing for physical or emotional dis-ease, but to create well-being in all areas of life.


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