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Please Note: Places are always limited for each class / course to enable us to provide a more personalized learning environment so please book early. There are NO fees for any classes run by me ( on this page) but you are welcome to make a donation anonymously to the donation box, however it isn’t necessary, so book into what ever you are interested in learning and have fun.
For any of the courses advertised that are already filled on this website, when there are enough people who would like to attend I/We will run a course outside of the pre-set dates.  So please do feel free to contact us and put your name on a waiting list for any courses  you may be interesting in attending. Cheers Michelle


Key Topics   New Course 2019

Formally Teague’s Topics

An  8 week course which will give you the  foundations of several modalities and skills. Teage designed this course to cover topics such as Crystals, Chakra’s, Healing Personally and Environmentally, Law of Attraction – how it works, Meditation,  Understanding Energy, Psychometry and Intuitive Reading, Amazing properties of Water plus more.                     

During these 8 weeks you will receive  information that can help  you in your life.  By joining in with this amazing course you will have several foundational tools to expand your thinking and abilities both spiritually and physically.

Dates to be announced
Time : 7.30 – 9.30pm
Your welcome to bring along snacks to share for a cuppa after, Tea/ coffee provided.


Key  Topics  2  NEW to 2020

formally Teague’s Topics

As a follow on from the first course these 8 weeks will expand on the 1st course with more depth,  as well as provide more advanced topics.  Topics such as cord cutting and attachment removal, Meditations, Spiritual communication, Psychometry and Intuitive reading, Photo Readings, aura Reading, plus whatever comes up or questions you need answering.


Dates to be announced

Your welcome to bring along snacks to share for a cuppa after, Tea/ coffee provided.


Reiki 1st Degree

This is now a 1 & 1/2 (half) DAY COURSE: Saturday 9.30 am till 5.00 pm – Sunday 10.00am  -1.30 pm and 1-2 weeks later a  3 hour practise afternoon that each person needs to attend. We will pick a date and time together that’s suits everyone on day 2.

 With a certificate of Reiki 1st Degree you can offer to yourself and your family and friends wonderful Reiki energy to facilitate healing in your life. In fact anyone who needs some energy, however this is not a paid professionally trained healing level. But still wonderful for everyone.

You will need to bring your own lunch and if you can PLEASE bring along something to share for morning and afternoon tea that would be very helpful. NO NUTS PLEASE IN ANY FOODS.

Anyone who has previously done this level or above is welcome to join in and or help.

Reiki Masters are Michelle & Kailey.

DATES:   June  20th  &21st  Full
                             July 25th &26th  Full
                             September 19th & 20th
There is a limit of 6 places so book early. If these dates do not suit you please let me know as other dates can be arranged.


Reiki 2nd Degree

Is now a 1 & 1/2  DAY COURSE: Saturday 9.30am am till 5.00 pm Sunday 10am till 1.30pm.

 At the Reiki 2nd Degree level of certification you are now ready to offer this service of facilitating an opportunity for healing to others outside of your family and friends. This is a level where you can now offer Reiki on a paid  professional level.

         Please note that in accordance with The Health Care Code of  Practise, all care givers/persons in this complimentary area of service to health and healing must hold a Level 2 First Aid Certification, before offering any paid service to the public.

You will need to bring your own lunch and if you can PLEASE   bring along something to share for morning and afternoon tea, that would be very helpful. NO NUTS PLEASE IN ANY FOODS.  Each person will also need to bring a photograph of someone, preferably with only  one person in the photo for practise exercises.

DATES: January 18th   – Please note the second 3 1/2 hour day will be run the following week for this course only.
                                August 29th and 30th  Full
                                October 3rd & 4th 2 Places Available
Places are limited to 6 places so please book early. If date/s don’t suit you please let me know as other dates can be arranged.

Anyone previously having done this level is welcome to join in and or help/ participate.

          Reiki Masters Kailey & Michelle.


 Reiki Master – Teacher  / Practitioner only

Enquiries must be made in person in regard to 3rd Degree Masters Certification. Please see the contact page to call for a free booking time to discuss the aspects of this level of education in Reiki.


Psychic Development Classes

         Not Available this year however aspects of this  is covered in Teague’s Topics 1 and 2
There will still be a limit to 10 people so book in early.

This psychic development class will be for people at any stage of learning. It will be run in a way that we can each help and encourage everyone to awaken their abilities. The more advanced students will be able to help beginners and the beginners will in return aid the intermediates in ways that will surprise them. sometimes it will be circle work, and sometimes fun exercises that are interactive.

I will be asking everyone to please bring along something to share for after class and I’ll still provide the tea and coffee. Please be careful of NO NUTS IN FOODS as there are people with severe allergies. You might also like to bring an exercise book if you want to take notes.



For The Love of Crystals

Inviting the Loving Miracle of Crystals into your life. This wonderful day course is full of discovery and learning how and why you would want to incorporate crystals into your everyday life. The loving, healing and rejuvenating energy that crystals offer to us is amazing to say the least. This 1 day workshop covers, cleansing, uses, how and why they work with us, programming, as well as much more. Fun and interactive the day is a must if you are interested in working and enjoying these wonderful living forces of nature.

          DATES : No dates at this time.

Please provide your own lunch and perhaps bring along something to share with a cuppa (NOTHING WITH NUTS PLEASE). You will also need and exercise book for taking notes.

Please note this is a pre-requisite to Crystal Healing Certificate Courses.

         Places are limited to 8 people  per course.


Crystal Healing Level 1

Crystal Healers level 1 is being held over 4 weeks rather than an entire weekend this year. By end of this 4 week course you will be able to effectively and professionally offer Crystal Healing sessions. The course pays attention to how to facilitate healing through the use of these amazing stones, but also offers professional direction into running a health benefitting business. Please note that in accordance with The Health Care Code of Practise, all care givers/persons in this complimentary area of service to health and healing must hold a Level 2 First Aid Certification, before offering any paid service to the public. A pre-requisite to this course is The Love of Crystals day workshop, however previous knowledge will be taken into account including the crystal information given through the Teague’s Topics course. If you have any questions in regard to this course please don’t hesitate to phone and ask.

Dates :  Thursd Nts – March 26th to April 16th Fully Booked
                    Tues Nts – May 5th to May 26th Fully Booked
                    Monday Nts – October 12th – Nov 2nd
                    Time: 7.00 – 10pm

Please let me know if you were interested in this class as I can create a third date.

Cost of Crystal Kit is $40 however the Course is free.


Crystal Healing Level 2

Crystal healers level 2 serves to expand on the previous level course through technics that enable you to send healing distally by several different means. With the ability to offer therapy from a distance you can quickly render aid to someone in need, or create a healing array that encourages health and vitality in a slower but longer term modality. You will learn to create an energetic pyramid for expanded energy use. Past life ascension is also a part of this 2nd level course , as well as healing through the Aura. This is a 5 week course.

Date: Tuesday Nights – August 4th to September 1st

Please let me know if you are interested in achieving this level as I can create a 2nd course  to run on the Thursday night as well. Attending Crystal Healers 2 will be based on whether you are ready for this course knowledge, so please let me know if you are interested and we can chat about it. Cheers Michelle

Crystal Kit is $40 however the classes are free.

PLEASE NOTE:   that this course does require a particular set of crystals. I will have some crystals available to purchase that I have already bought, alternately you can  search for them  yourself please contact me for details.

For booking or enquiries please phone the number on the contacts page of the website.


Crystal Masters: New Course

The art of crystal healing has been around for thousands of years, and as you are now looking at this level you already know through the 1st and 2nd courses how effective and diverse the use of these amazing stones can be.  Crystal Masters takes this understanding to a new level of use and knowledge. You will learn  another method of Healing that is best experienced rather than told, A method of making Crystal Elixirs for storage and distribution, information about Psychic surgery and the spirits that perform this plus much more. The course itself is 3 hours a week over 7 weeks with a presentation day on the first Sunday at the end of the course for Certificates, that your immediate family are welcome to attend.

The Achievement of this Certificate is not that you have Mastered all that there is know about Crystals and their use for Healing, but to have made the decision to be dedicated to the art and continued learning and practise of Crystal Healing in your life and for the joy it can bring into others lives. People who achieve this level will then also be granted the right to teach Crystal healing to others with as much access to copyrighted notes as was used upon their Journey through Spiritual Joy.

Date: New date will be announced next year


Tarot 10 Week course

Learn to read Tarot using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck  and my 4 keys system.


This  course uses the Rider Waite Tarot Deck- standard USA edition. ISBN : 9780913866139

Next course offered:
Please see Matthews Class Page as He will now be Teaching Tarot.