The Aura



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Healing through understanding the Aura:

  1st auric layer- The Etheric Body –

This layer of the Aura is usually perceived as either blue (which it technically is), white or a greyish hue around a person. It is the first part of the aura that you learn to see. The first layer of the aura is connected to the 1st or base chakra and is affected by cause and effect of our physical life time here.  If our energy is lacking, it will reflectively show this at this level. A person who is close to the end of their time here on the earth plane will present with a much smaller glow within the 1st level of the etheric body.

2nd Auric layer-  The Emotional Body –

This layer of the aura is seen as a mixture or array of different colours. This is because it reflects the emotions and feelings of a person dependant on what is happening in their life at the time of being seen. It is not always seen clairvoyantly but yet still maybe perceived by the reader as an interpretation of what they feel around another person. It is the layer that is photographed when someone sits for what you title Kirilian Photography and is subject to constant change due to what a person maybe feeling at that point in time. By placing your hands into the field of another’s aura you will be able to perceive this energy field and read the emotions that surround them in this layer.

3rd Auric Layer- The Mental Body –

The mental body is related to the last earthly chakra called the Solar Plexus and is yellow in colour. And although this chakra in a human is the centre of will and power it is also the level at which people in general relate back to what they think of themselves and others. This is the level of the aura where the power of positive thinking can turn a life around away the negativity the mind perceives of itself and others. Remember from the secret….. what we think we create…… our words become deeds and so the power of thought is also where we create our own universe and our world around us. The ability we have to control our life through the power of though is staggering. We do not either realise or want to know that we are responsible for what we attract into our world, and of course it must be said that we can also heal through this same power that we innately are all born with here.

4th  Auric Layer- The Astral Body –

Again a multitude of colour. This is a most interesting level as it is also known as the Bridge between both the physical and the astral. It is connected to the Heart chakra and so plays an important role in our energetic processes as human beings. It is the level of the aura where past life memories are held and these can be seen by the reader when their hands are placed at the correct distance from the person being read. Mistakes that need to be corrected from other times are here, keys to their life and their lessons are stored here and so healing for this person you read can also occur here.

Message from Archangel Michael:

If your heart is not open then it is very difficult for the energy of the universe to flow through to you as a channel, as a person and as a spiritual being. This is where the source of all that is flows through to you in every aspect of the life you are living. If you are closed to the possibilities in this life then all that you could receive is rejected. What causes this closure is the fear of life and living. What causes this fear is a whole other matter and it differs from person to person. Experiences may have shut you down, past life fears that you have carried forward may have shut you down. The pain that we/ you experience here is what YOU use to shut you down, but dear ones if you allow this pain to close your heart to the source of who you are and where you come from then you are missing sadly so much that life has to offer……Walk away from the pain by embracing the possibility of all life has to offer without fear, resentment, guilt or shame and I promise you all that you will flourish from what will flow to you from this vastly loving universe created by the loving source that is you.

5th Auric Layer- The Etheric Template –

This level or layer is also blue and connected to the throat chakra. This layer is the blue print or master copy that the 1st layer the Etheric body is created from and therefore it is also the plans for the physical body. When the Etheric body (1st layer) is in need of healing due to any reason it is the energy template that is used to reconstruct and repair any damage that has been caused. So say that the 1st layer has been pulled out of shape, it is realigned to match the template.

6th Auric Layer- The Celestial Body –

This is the emotional body on a spiritual plane or level. This level of the aura is where we commune with our spiritual self and other beings. It connects to in part our higher truth and understanding through which we can heal through compassion toward the self and others. Spiritually sympathising with others we understand to a deeper level the plight of another through energetically feeling them without judgement or reproach. It also the level through which unconditional love from the universe comes through to each individual.

7th Auric Layer- The Ketheric Template or Causal Body –

This is the level of divine wisdom. This is the mental body of the spiritual state. It is where we truly connect to the divine. Where we spiritually communicate and can connect to the Akashic records. When we bring ourselves to the level of this layer of the aura it is said that we can truly connect with the creator. This layer is connected to the crown chakra where the main energy that flows through the sushima or shushumna and is directed fed to this layer.

The Aura is our life force and therefore should always be cared for with every respect. It is our spiritual selves or at the least a very great part of it. Our physical form is determined by it and our aura reflects our life, our lessons, our emotions, our attitude toward ourselves and others, it is us. It holds the keys to our past our future and our now. The colours that are seen around us in the aura are vital to our health and well-being.


Aura Pictures-Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan Illustrations by Jos.A.Smith


      barbara brennan 7 layers aura pictures