EMS /EMF Sensitivity

This is a topic that is close to my heart and as you read further into this subject you will discover why.

So what is EMS/EMF Sensitivity? It interprets as:

Electro Magnetic Field Sensitivity- or Hyposensitivity.

All living things are made up of energy. The plants, trees, animals people and of course the planet.  Everything that you see around you is energy and other energy can effect all those living things. Stars are energy, the sun is pure energy, the moon. In fact the moon is a great example of how one energy affects another. We all know the saying ” must be a full moon” when things are a little crazy and off handed or people seemingly out of control.  The tides of the oceans are influenced by both the Sun and the Moon, however it is the moon and the Earth that significantly cause the rise and fall of the water. The Earths rotation causes a  balancing  effect on the waters through gravity, the Moon causes a bulging effect, pulling the water towards itself, hence the moving of the water in and out upon the shore. This is a very simple description but will give you the general gist of energetic influence.

We humans are also energy and like the influence of the moon upon the tide, our energy is influenced by both our ourselves and outside interactions with other things that exist in our lives.

Within ourselves when we are stressed we create negative energy that can result in actual physical illness.  Reiki (universal energy)when channeled to ourselves or others is light energy and therefore promote wellness as it facilitates an opportunity for the body to heal through receiving positively influencing energy.

Now the planet is a balanced combination of both negative and positive ions. It requires this balance for the wellness of the living things that exist here. Both negative and positive ions exist in balance because those living things need both to exist dependent on their individual requirements to live.

Humans, are predominately negative ion based creatures, so a continued overwhelming exposure to positive ions can have an adverse effect on us. We experience and interact with positive ions on the planet, but when those interactions are kept balanced the negative effect on both our energetic body and our physical body are minimal.

So here is the kicker, most all man made technology is positive ion based. Ok so without trying to give you a high school science lesson ( and I’m not qualified to do that anyway) there is a broad spectrum of radio waves that exist within the universe. These radio waves each have a vibrational resonance that is also seen as colour. Within each colour are the positive and negative wave bands. These bands emit different levels of radiation and ions. For example microwaves that are part of or found in the negative green spectrum vibrate at a high speed and emit positive ions. As you may or may not know microwave ovens bombard the food placed in them with microwaves that vibrate at high speed. It is this vibration of the positive ions that changes the cellular structure of the food and causes it to cook. Now that might not be the most accurate way to  describe it but its along those lines anyway. The point is that the microwave radiation changes the structure of the tissue or cells using positive ions and that really cant be good for anything. Everyone is aware that high levels of radiation is not good for them, you wouldn’t put your head in the microwave and turn it on would you?  Yet we do exactly that every single day!!!

You see Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones, Lap Top Computers, Microwave ovens, Smart Meters,  baby monitors and Wi-Fi (to name a few of the big polluters) all utilize the microwave radiation band.  Everyday everywhere you go and in almost everything that you do you are exposed to microwave radiation! Now in balance this is ok but over exposure will definitely have a very negative effect on your body over a long time. Remember what the microwave oven does to the food in side when you turn it on! It is just happening slower and therefore is more often than not dismissed as a cause of ill health.

Now our bodies were so magnificently designed to protect them selves that if you were to suddenly be exposed to a very high dose of radiation within an environment, an in built safety mechanism would kick in and you would want to leave that environment because something doesn’t feel right. Have you been under those massive power lines and just felt sick and wanted to move away. Have you been in a situation or place where something just didn’t feel right about the energy and you wanted to leave? You body, mind, soul was on some level telling you that that environment was not good for you and you physically had some reaction that cause you to leave in order to protect yourself. Your survival instincts kicked in. You may not no why or how it was effecting you, you just knew it was and it wasn’t good for you. Well our bodies were designed to read the environment they are immersed in and scream danger when it is not healthy for us. Think of it as we have a barometer that is capable of not only detecting hot, cold, happy, sad, scary etc, but also reads safe, or dangerous. We really are very cleverly design little things aren’t we. Unfortunately though that barometer is for the better part of it is set quite high when it comes to radiation, which means it can take a continued smaller  amount of exposer on a daily basis without our survival instincts kicking in at all. On a meter that measures energy, 3 points of continued exposer is seen as acceptable according to government regulation, in our technology that emits radiation. Each phone or Wi-Fi router is tested to fit within that criteria. However, it is not tested to see what would happen when several items are all running at the same time. Here in lies the problem. When you are in an environment that emits radiation from several sources all at once, you are no longer exposed to just 3 points of registered radiation, you may well be exposed to 67 points of radiation.  Now if your barometer is set to scream “danger get out” at 100 points ( and most peoples are), your survival instincts don’t kick in and you are slowly but continuously being exposed to positive ions that are bad for you.  Your now sitting in a micro wave oven slowing cooking and adversely effecting the cells of your body.  :((

EMF sensitivity occurs when that repetitive exposure causes the body to re-set the  barometer. The body will react with symptoms that let it know that this is not a safe environment and tell you that you need to leave.  I am no expert by any means on all of this, but what I do know is that my barometer has been re-set. It makes life a little more challenging as people with EMS are limited to the places and or environments they can be in.  A shopping center for example that offers free Wi-Fi, filled with shoppers whose phones are constantly searching for and sending out signals creates a higher than normal radiation filled environment. For someone with EMS this can be a problematic nightmare.  Their barometer goes off, their bodies react with physical symptoms that can range from slight dizziness or headache to  a full blown anxiety attack. I know this because it has happened to me and I am here to tell you it is an awful experience. I have felt at the worst exposure yet : headache, dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety, an inability to think clearly and loss of understandable speech. Pretty scary I can tell you……

All this happens because the excess radiation and energy waves disrupt my own bodies natural electrical system. I think in lemans terms my nervous system shorts out.

But I have to say I begrudge being this way. Why? Because  I know when to get out for my health’s sake.

So here’s a few measurements of techno toys I tested using a Gauss Meter that reads and measures these things, keeping in mind that ARPANSA -Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency tells us that 3 points of continued exposure is safe. The very biggest overhead power lines go over what my meter can read which is 100 points.

On the center of a Laptop key board drawing off Wi-Fi: 100 points

Cordless phone: 70 points

In front of a microwave: 60-70 points

Mobile Phones varied between 20 – 60 points

I parked in front of a bank at our local shops and the meter read 4-5 points just sitting in a car. Wow, I don’t go in the bank anymore!


So what you can you do to help yourself from being over exposed.

Number One do some research of your own.  This information is all over U-Tube,. I’m not asking you to give up your toys, just understand what your playing with on a daily basis.  A great person to look up on U-Tube and listen too is Barrie Trower. You’ll understand why when you hear his credentials.

So Laptops: put them on the table at a distance from you and connect a separate keyboard and mouse.

Never sit in front of your Wi-Fi Router……

Cordless Phones: Buy a corded Phone with an extension lead( not DECT 6.0). ( I got mine from Big W) You can still walk around the house, sort of… lol.

DONT buy a baby monitor in the first place, check bubby every now and then.

Microwaves: Don’t stand in front of it while it is running. In fact if I had my way they would be banned in Australia. They damage the food at a cellular level! How can that be good for us!

Mobile Phone: ALWAYS use your mobile on speaker and NEVER carry it next to your body. And PLEASE don’t sleep with it next to your bed, it is searching, sending and receiving signals all night. If you use your phone as an alarm put it on FLIGHT MODE.

Smart Meters:
Don’t sleep with your bed head near any meters. Re- arrange your bedroom if you have too. I know this is all inconvenient, but I tend to think that any form of illness due to radiation exposure is a little more inconvenient don’t you?

Look we can have our toys, some have become intricate parts of our lives. They provide safety and security knowing we can call for help at the touch of a button.  I’m on the internet typing this right now! But I have an old style Router, and it works perfectly fine for us, and no over exposure! We socialize on the net, work and learn on the net or using our phones, but be sensible and safe with it all.

Get off the phone and go have a coffee with your friend instead.

Any way you are free to choose., I’m just suggesting you make an informed decision.

Take Care :))