Spiritual House Cleansing

One of the very first things I was taught to do as a Spiritual communicator or energy worker, was house cleansing and Spiritual Protection from lost souls, wayward ghosts and annoying or scaring encounters with spiritual beings. I have been practicing and expanding in this line of work for 33 Years.

There are several things that you can do to help yourself in this area to keep your home energetically clean and environmentally free from the negative type of energy that attracts these souls.

White sage– it is well known by many cultures that White Sage has a cleansing property that when burned throughout your home the negative energy will be cleansed and transformed. Shamans, Native American Indians, Mayans all knew this to be true.

Crystals- are a beautiful way to bring lightness into your home or around you personally. Their mere presence in an area uplifts the vibration and brings forth positive life force to enhance any environment.  e.g.  Amethyst brings a calming effect to a room. Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline is very protective. Place either of the 2 afore mentioned stones above your door ways or windows and they will form a protective shield to the room. Any crystals will always enhance a room’s energy. See crystals page for more information

Himalayan salt lamps: these lamps both create a soft calming atmosphere and are extremely good for your health and wellbeing. Humans are made from what we call negative energy or negative Ions. All manmade technology like T.V’s, cordless phones, mobile phones, Wi-Fi excretes positive Ions which when we are bombarded with, negatively impacts upon us as it is the opposite type of energy to our own. Salt lamps will not stop this bombardment, however they will help to recreate the right type of environment that our bodies need to exist, rest and heal in.

If you wish to understand more of the harm this technology can cause please read the section from the side menu on this site titled EMS / EMF Sensitivity.

Light or Sun light:  the simplest way to eliminate the dark is to let in the light! By opening your curtains or blinds, smart placement of mirrors to reflect light into dark areas, sky tubes or skylights in the ceiling any way you can let in the daylight. Wayward souls like the dark, so let in the light. It is also very cleansing to the energy in your home and of course to you.

Oils and or Incense:  by burning any scented oils or incense you create an atmosphere that is both aromatically engaging as well as cleansing. Aroma’s have the ability to make us feel different emotions. Lavender is calming, rose oil is loving, lemon refreshing and clean, the scent of orange oil is sweet. All these scents have a different effect, but each effect is reflective of a positive emotional response. The Incense burned can create those same responses as well; however they also create energy reactions on an etheric level. Dragons Blood ( I prefer the Hem red box brand) will energetically also clean and protect due to its very nature. Tibetan Incense intentionally brings an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Any incense that is pleasing to you will be good.

White Lighting:  This is a technique used by many if not most Psychics, Clairvoyants and spiritual workers and for very good reason. As mentioned in the passage about sunlight, White Light is the bearer of pure untainted life force energy. Now to get a little more in depth a soul who has crossed over but not returned home still exists on the astral field. A soul who has crossed to, as I call it, Home or Heaven has gone back into and accepted the light. They have therefore become a part of the light and the light has become a part of them once again, so White Light Energy will not harm or scare them away. They are essentially not around to cause any harm to anyone or anything, at least not deliberately. Those however who have not revisited the light or gone home will be repelled by this white light and will leave when it is used properly and for the highest good of all. So how do you effectively call upon this magical light? Well it’s very simple to do, you manifest it. The power of your mind and ability to create is beyond a lot of peoples imagining. People think that you have to be Psychic to perform a task like this but you don’t, you have to believe that what you can create in your mind, you will create in reality.  Close your eyes and picture one end of your house to start at, then in your minds picture see pure white light streaming in and spreading throughout your whole home. It fills every corner, every cupboard, goes through every piece of furniture, wall, floor, door, shower, leave no place without white light. Continue doing this until you have filled your whole home with light. Now you may think that it is only your imagination, and you would be right. However, your imagination, your dreaming it, your intention to make this happen, is what makes it happen. Any soul who is not from the light or there for the highest good of all can be made quite uncomfortable by this light. Now not every soul will leave, there are some that have the ability to resist and that is where you may require the help of a technique a bit stronger. The methods I use in these cases are not for the novice, so if problems persist please feel free to give me a call. For the most part though, your home will definitely feel much cleaner energetically.

You can also use white light around yourself. Visualize yourself surrounded by it. I have always found it easier to see, feel and know that I am walking around in like an egg shell of white light. In this you cleanse and protect your energy where ever you go. I recommend re-visualizing this twice a day, morning and night is best.


By now you have noticed that a few of these cleansing methods seem more orientated around cleansing your energy that your home. The reason for this, you live in your home, your energy affects every part of your home. How you feel emotionally also plays a pivotal role in the type of souls being attracted into your home. It’s not always the place that a lot of souls are attracted too or stuck in; it’s the people and their emotional states in a lot of cases.

I have removed many souls or spirits from homes that were attracted to a like minded or emotional person. Let me explain further. Someone who is suffering from depression for example, will attract souls who lived and died with those same or similar feelings. Anger attracts angry spirits. As in the teachings of The Secret, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, hence the importance of using products that both make you feel good and clean your environment energetically.

If you are not sure if you have a problem then please give me a call, I can scan your environment and then proceed in whatever manner is necessary. (Please see Contact Page for details)