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Hello and welcome to Spiritual Joy.           17/2/2015

Spiritual Joy was created and registered in 2004. My business name came into being from a desire to bring exactly that into peoples lives, Joy through interacting with Spirit. In time I developed a desire to teach and share the wonderful insights I had gained over the years and so Spiritual Joy Intuitive Learning Center was born.

I was taught by a beautiful wise Lady at the age of 15 a bit about what I could do. She opened my eyes to another world that was already there, I had certainly sensed it, but was nervous of the  phenomenon I was encountering. When you first realize that the things that go bump in the night are not your imagination, well lets just say it took me a while to get my head around it all.  It was both elating an experience  and also quite scary,  but all in all, that knowing also brought a sense of peace to my mind. You see I had always felt like I was being watched, and as a child that created a sense of insecurity that was manifesting into nervous reactions that affected my physical health.  The knowledge that I was being watched over and not just watched eliminated my fears somewhat.   Feelings of peace, understanding and security replaced emotions of fear and nervousness . Hence forth I believed that it was every single persons innate right to feel comfortable and safe.

I needed to know more and so the journey along my path began. I read every book I could get my hands on at the library, I learned as much as I could and tried to practice what I had learned. I was quite driven and still am to this day. I developed a passion for learning what I could, where I could, and then enjoying the experience of placing those new perspectives and ideas into my life. It has been quite a journey and I know that I will continue to evolve as I move through time.

So here we are 33 years later and I am now 48 years young. That in itself is a blessing. I have taken many classes with other beautiful teachers, have several certificates on my walls and they are wonderful achievements.  Yet still my greatest joy comes from helping others.

Certifications of Learning :

Certificate of Massage- The Victorian School of Massage and Physical Culture  1990 – 1991

Mediumship Circle classes 2003 – 2004

Visionary Tarot College Of Australia

– Tarot 2004-  January 2005

– Crystal Healers Workshop  November 2004

Melody’s Love Is In The Earth Workshop – Masters Of Crystology Certification February 2005

Most Likely Professional Award For Outstanding Tarot Studies – May 2005

Feng Shui Awareness Workshop June 2005

Doreen Virtue PHD : Angelic Intuitive Course October 2005

Reiki 1st Degree Certificate September 2005

Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate November 2005

Reiki 3rd Degree Master/Teacher Certificate May 2010

First Aid Level 2  11th November 2016

Working With Children Check Expires 10-4-2022


              Well, all the above is wonderful, but I think the majority of my experiences and learning have come from the School Of Life, my family and friends, my clients and students, and all my  beautiful brothers, sisters and Spirit family, both on this plane and other planes, and of course the many other dimensions that exist universally. Oh and lets not forget the countless books by amazing people who have shared their knowledge and experiences, and for the  newer generation… the INTERNET. lol what would we do without it!!!!

 Thank you for taking the time to know a little more about Spiritual Joy and Me . :))

              Michelle – Leonie Reilly (Michonie)

Spiritual Joy and Spiritual Joy Intuitive Learning Center are both registered names in Victoria Australia since 2004 /2005

ABN: 27988901580

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