Hello and Welcome to Spiritual Joy.

nov 10th

Please know that this website is still evolving  and will always be changing and added too. There are now many pages to be enjoyed, with many more to come,  so please have a look through at your leisure. I do hope you find the information interesting and informative.

Important Announcement!

Hello and welcome to Spiritual Joy.
Our Apologies to all but due to the Covid-19 lock downs, all classes / courses have had to be re-cancelled. For those whose classes had already started they will recommence as soon as possible. Some dates will have to be rescheduled before going ahead depending on when they were booked. Hopefully some will stay at the same dates.
We wish everyone well through this difficult time, but would to let you know that we are starting a Healing Book List that you can add your name or the name/s of other people for the purpose of distant sessions performed by qualified Reiki 2ND Degree or Level 2 Crystal/ Energy facilitators to aid you through this time of “NO Contact” and “Social Distancing”.
For details please see the Healing Book List page on the left hand Index on the Home Page.



March 2019 Announcement from Michelle at Spiritual Joy

Hello everyone and welcome to the  Spiritual Joy Website.
             It has been for a long time now that I have had a dream  to share with others, universal knowledge, modalities and concepts that enhance the human experience and life here on our beautiful planet, in a way that does not hold your financial position to ransom.  We all know that the cost of living has risen dramatically, yet wages and earnings just don’t stretch far enough. This has been the deciding factor for many people to feel that  spiritual knowledge and teachings were beyond their reach.
Well not anymore with my classes, courses, healings and readings. As of today you will find no prices connected to any of the Classes/Courses that I, Michelle, am offering. That is because there are NO FEES being asked  from you.  This includes Reiki 1st Degree/2ndDegree/Masters, The Love of Crystals, Crystal Healing Level 1/Level 2/ Crystal Masters(still to come), Psychic Development, Crystal  and Reiki kids, Healing Sessions and Reading Sessions. Hopefully soon some afternoons about building organic garden beds.
Now of course I know that you will understand that other Teachers that teach courses here,  are not in a position to do the same as they need to earn a wage to survive in this world themselves. However, they have done their best to keep their class prices as low as they can for you, which I know you will appreciate.
Everyone knows that for me most fees were about looking after my horses and property, so if you’re able to support me in any way it would be appreciated. There will be a Donation Box at the door where if you able to help anonymously by popping in a donation that is right for you, then it would be gratefully appreciated. Kailey as a Reiki Master Teacher is also very generously supporting the teaching of  Reiki, and I will in return share moneys donated at Reiki Courses with her. Please take a look at the dates on the classes/courses page and let me know if there is anything that you would like to attend. Personal sessions will still need to be booked in though please and you can call me if you would like to do that.
I hope in some small part that this helps you and your family to gain some of the things that are important to you in your life, without stressing over money, just as it is important to me to share the universal understandings that I have learned and am still learning, while trusting in the abundance that universe provides.


Love, Light and Joy to you all
Michelle L M Reilly


 Matthew Reilly is now Teaching his Courses and Booking Personal Consultations/ Readings.

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